Basic Rules

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Basic Rules

Post by Tigrace on Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:14 pm

Here are the basic rules that apply to everyone and not just certain members of clans.

-Swearing is allowed, but don't go crazy, sailors.

-Absolutely no mating scenes, thanks. I don't have any holy-bleach eyedrops on hand.

-I'll allow acts of affection such as cheek licks or groomings, etc.

-Make sure that if you're fighting with someone, that they agree to fight through PM.

-Make sure that if you're going to kill off someone's character, that they agree to it.

-No prophecy stuff like "cannot get hurt in battle." That just isn't fair to others.

-Multiple characters are OK with me, but the limit is four.

-I don't mind advanced vocabulary, but try not to be excessive with it.

-PLEASE!!!! No wings!

-No chatspeak, and please use proper grammar.

Thanks for reading.  bounce

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